Beware of Johnnie Van Eeden and His wife Joanita

Johnnie and Joanita van Eeden
Do You Know This Couple?
BEWARE! This is the Devil himself in PASTOR makeup
It Is Suspected That This Couple Have Not Just Defrauded Tens But Hundreds Of People Out of Millions and Millions of Rands
We want to make all people aware about this couple, Johnnie van Eeden and his wife Joanita. We are notified nearly on a daily basis by people who see this website that they have also been cleaned out by these two.They pretend to be hugely successful in whatever they do and that there is an enormous interest in whatever they try and sell you. They only have one goal in mind and that is to get you to part with your money.BEWARE, once they got your hard earned money you will NEVER see it again.To make it easy for you to believe them they have money back guarantees plus anything else you and they can think of in their contracts to make you feel at ease. Believe it, Johnnie van Eeden has made promises on his children’s lives and swear before God that he will pay people back and haven’t done so till this day. This coming from a pastor?This couple don’t work for their money like everyone else. Their work is to advertise their schemes and get people to transfer money into their accounts and then live of the money. Yes, they pay for their day-to-day living expenses with your hard earned cash and then use the rest of the capital to place more ads and get more people to invest with them.We are receiving emails from some very angry people nearly on a daily basis who have been scammed by Johnnie van Eeden and his wife Joanita. These are their latest schemes that you should be aware of. If you are introduced to any of these products make sure to investigate everything thoroughly because they always hide behind someone else’s names with their investments and once Johnnie Van Eeden and his partners (wife and other family members he uses) have your money it is GOODBYE.

These are Johnnie Van Eeden SCHEMES!! So, BEWARE!!

SIDEBAR: The owner of this website life has
been threatened on various occasions by Mr. Johnnie Van Eeden

If you want to read more about the shortcomings of other people who dealt with them, go to the PEOPLE THEY SCAMMED page.This website will be updated on a regular basis. The comments section will also be opened sometime soon.In the mean time if you have a story to tell about Johnnie van Eeden please let us know via the CONTACTpage.CLICK HERE TO CHECKOUT THE EMAIL SECTION FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL BEEN SCAMMED ON A DAILY BASIS

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