Beware of Johnnie van Eeden and His Wife Joanita!

The Biggest Scam Couple in S.A. – They Prey On The Innocent and Trusting


Beware of the “HAS BEEN PASTOR”
Johnnie Van Eeden and His wife Joanita

Johnnie and Joanita van Eeden

Do You Know This Couple?

It Is Suspected That This Couple Have Not Just Defrauded Tens But
Hundreds Of People Out of Millions and Millions of Rands

We want to make all people aware about this couple, Johnnie van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) and his wife Joanita. We are notified nearly on a daily basis by people who see this website that they have also been cleaned out by these two. They pretend to be hugely successful in whatever they do and that there is an enormous interest in whatever they try and sell you.
They only have one goal in mind and that is to get you to part with your money. BEWARE, once they got your hard earned money you will NEVER see it again. To make it easy for you to believe them they have money back guarantees plus anything else you and they can think of in their contracts to make you feel at ease. Believe it, Johnnie van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) has made promises on his children’s lives and swear before God which he hasn’t kept to this day.

Johnnie van Eeden cheque

This couple don’t work for their money like everyone else. Their work is to advertise their “money making schemes” and get people to transfer money into their accounts and then live of the money. Yes, you read right, they pay for their day-to-day living expenses with your hard earned cash and then use the rest of the capital to place more ads and get more people to invest with them. We are receiving
emails from some very angry people nearly on a daily basis who have been scammed by Johnnie van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) and his wife Joanita.


Typical Johnnie van Eeden Ad

The above AD was recently placed in the Rapport Newspaper. This ad is the exact type of ad which Johnnie van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) and his wife Joanita regularly uses in newspapers such as Beeld and Rapport.

Lets discuss this “Crooked / Scam” ad in detail:

As you notice the background is mainly in red. They like to use colors, such as red, which will draw your attention to the ad immediately.

1. Passiewe Inkomste Geleentheid meaning PASSIVE INCOME OPPORTUNITY. PASSIVE is the word they like to hammer on. They always want you to think you have to do nothing for the money. They will do everything and you can just sit back and the money will roll in which always is a lot of BS.
2. Minimum belegging R100 000 meaning MINIMUM INVESTMENT R100 000. They always want reasonably big investments, from R100 000 upwards. They don’t bother with the small fish. With one R100 000 investment they can live for the rest of the month and place another similar ad in one of the newspapers like Beeld or Rapport. If they get more than one investment they have backup money for a few months and as I ‘ve been notified, Joanita van Eeden likes to do shopping in Dubai and they also like to gamble at Sun City. For these types of hobbies they need big money. We have invested a few million rand with Johnnie and Joanita van Eeden through similar ads in a very short period of time and never ever saw our money again. The ad is nothing, wait till they have their hooks in you and you meet them. They really know their story. They really have years and years of experience as compulsive liars. They back each other up, tell you about their twin daughters,
how much they do for the church etc. You would just not think that people can use God in such a way to enrich themselves. Believe me, it is really an experience and the worse is they are very likeable people!
3. Kapitaal gewaarborg meaning CAPITAL GUARANTEED. They always GUARANTEE everything. Johnnie van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) would promise you the world while you sit in front of him just to get you to “invest” with them. They would not think twice to give you letters or anything else you want to make you really believe what they have is legitimate and the best “passive income opportunity” in the world.

Believe it, these guarantees means nothing. They are not worth the paper it is written on. Once they have your money, and you demand it back, they just laugh at you. They know you can’t afford to go to court. People who have the money to take them to court will not be so stupid to invest with them in the first place and those that do, does not have the money else why will they invest their hard earned money in their ridiculous schemes.
4. Beperkte Geleentheid meaning LIMITED OPPORTUNITY. They want you to think that they will allow only a few people to invest in this opportunity, which is obviously a lot of bull. This is only their means to feed your greed which will make you take out your cheque book without thinking twice. They pray hundreds of people will invest in their scam/s and I will proof it’s a scam. Once you dealt with these scammers and lost your life savings you see through them miles and miles away.
5. Geprojekteerde Inkomste meaning PROJECTED INCOME. The word you have to focus on is projected. They will NEVER guarantee the income they promise you, but most people don’t read the word projected as projected. With all the “guarantees” that they give you, people just assume the big FAKE PROJECTED amounts of R90 000, R250 000 and R360 000 is also guaranteed. Obviously
after the 1, 2, or 3 years,  if you are lucky enough to ever see a cent of your own money again, never mind the projected fake interest and you query where is your interest they will clearly state they never guaranteed you anything because the ad clearly stated these were just projected amounts.
6. Jaar 1: R90 000, Jaar 2: R250 000, Jaar 3: R360 000 meaning YEAR 1: R90 000, YEAR 2: R250 000, YEAR 3: R360 000. These so called “projected” amounts are always huge amounts, mostly fake thumb-sucked amounts, which is only there the feed your greed.  Yes it feed our greed and we believed the “has been pastor and his wife” would not lie to us, so we invested our millions and never saw our money again. Now, don’t be surprised if they have a computer ready with spreadsheets and the stats and graphs to  convince you. These people were not born yesterday. They have been living off other people’s money for close to 20 years!
They know what people want and need to get convinced and they will provide it no matter what, even though it is all BS, because they feed of the trustworthy and kind.
7. Vir meer inligting, SMS u naam, dorp en e-pos adres na meaning FOR MORE INFORMATION, SMS YOUR NAME, TOWN AND E-MAIL TO. Now what legitimate business or investment company would not leave a legitimate telephone number, which you can phone and ask questions and get answers immediately, especially if you are going to invest hundreds of thousands or even
millions of rands with them? No, they want you to SMS them so you can’t ask questions. They like to dictate the manner which their conversations go and do not like surprising questions which can expose them as fakes. By the way, when we invested with Johnnie van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) he had legitimate offices in Mayville Pretoria, where he was also the pastor of the church in Mayville. I personally went to his offices and spoke to him personally but since he scammed myself and hundreds of other people he and his wife is nowhere to be found. They only rent houses and own nothing. Even their cars are not on their names. These scammers want you to SMS them, not call them, with your name, town and e-mail address for a specific reason.

You see, they have been “screwing / scamming” so many people through the years and are scared these people might know it’s them again and report them to the authorities. So by asking your name, town and email they can easily see by the person’s name, email or cell phone number from the sms being send, if it was a previous client or looks like one and will just ignore such a message. If everything does seems ok according to them, they will ask a family member or friend or someone they hired to contact you and ask you certain questions which will also give them an idea if you were a past client. They have to make double sure that you are not a previous client, especially one who is desperately looking for them,  because
it will mean their new “fishing project” is screwed before they even started if you expose them.
8. 061 216 8297 meaning Cell no: 061 216 8297. They always use only cell phone numbers because they can purchase a new one everyday if they have to. Don’t think you can trace them via the RICA information. They use their friends and family to organise them sim cards. They will even pay people to register phones in their
names so they could not be traced.
Other important points to remember. You will never see them advertise an address because they do not have one. Johnnie van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) use to advertise a business address in other ads after they scammed us and when we went to that address it was someone else’s property. They also like to use fake addresses which do not exist at all or sometimes addresses of empty stands.

These are some of Johnnie Van Eeden(aka Johan van Eeden) SCHEMES!!

These are some of their latest schemes that you should be aware of.  If you are introduced to any of these types of products make sure to investigate everything thoroughly because they always hide behind someone else’s names with their investment schemes and once Johnnie Van Eeden and his partners (wife and other family members he uses) have your money it is GOODBYE.

SIDEBAR: The owner of this website life has been threatened
on various occasions by Mr. Johnnie Van Eeden himself.

If you want to read more about the shortcomings of other people who dealt with them, go to the PEOPLE THEY SCAMMED page. This website will be updated on a regular basis. If you have a story to tell about Johnnie van Eeden please let us know via the CONTACTpage. CLICK HERE TO CHECKOUT THE EMAIL SECTION FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL BEEN SCAMMED ON A DAILY BASIS